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We made a second one! Same approach: less is more. Sharing the articles that stood out (to us). Maximum read time of 15 minutes

Amazon started a healthcare focused joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase; bought PillPack for almost a billion dollars and launched a new service that extracts medical data from patient records. Here are the next healthcare steps Amazon is planning for its voice service Alexa. Interesting to point out that none of the newly announced Alexa skills are tapping into the elderly care monitoring market. [≈4 min]

Apple and Alphabet are trying the same thing: digitally transforming or enhancing clinical trial processes that are “no different than 20 or 30 years ago”. While Verily’s Study Watch is specifically designed to enhance clinical trials with more data, Apple launched its own entirely virtual study with its consumer watch and released its heart study last month. Why are clinical trials so interesting for digital health? Clinical trials are super costly and drive partnerships between pharmaceutical firms and technology companies to speed up the trial process. Look at the chart within this article that shows a ranking of total costs per study in different therapeutic areas (Top3: 1. Pain and Anesthesia, 2. Oncology and 3. Ophtalmology). [≈6 min]

RockHealth suggest that the IPO drought in digital health is finally over with Livongo, Peloton, Change Healthcare, and Health Catalyst planning to go public this year. If it goes well: Good news for founders, investors and the wider digital health ecosystem. However, considering all the planned IPOs (Uber, Palantir, Airbnb, Slack, and many more) & recent ones (Lyft), we can’t help to wonder: Why now? Coincidence? Fear of a recession? Any suggestions? Only thing we know is what to expect: Increasing property prices in SF, increasing number of McLarens and Tesla in SF’s streets, talent cashing out and starting to fund the next generation of unicorns. (btw: Let’s talk about the funding trends the article highlights another time. [≈ 5min]

Closing with our weekly quote : «Silicon Valley is now more trend than opportunity» by Peter Thiel (NZZ, 2019)

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