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In an increasingly digital environment 88% of U.S. hospital and health system executives agree that their organizations are vulnerable to consumer-friendly offerings from non-hospital competitors, such as Amazon and CVS. Furthermore a survey states that one-third of respondents trust companies like Google, Amazon and Apple more than healthcare providers to develop the best online tools to find and select healthcare providers. The full report can be found here. [≈2min]

A startup’s month is a pharma’s year? Collaboration between Tech and Pharma is still a tricky business. However together, they can create solutions that can aid and advance patient outcomes / experiences. A VP from Propeller Health shared his knowledge about how to build a successful partnership between those two worlds: «Remember that you are partners who have come together because you each have unique skills that the other cannot replicate on their own.» – Word! [≈6min]

Confirmed digital health IPO: Peloton, the fitness unicorn, which sells a high-tech exercise bike for $2,245 and affiliated subscription to original fitness content, confidentially filed to go public earlier this week. Just last year, Peloton raised a USD 550mn Series F at a USD 4.25bn valuation. They are expecting an increase of sales by the end of this year to at least $700 million (2017: USD 400mn).  [≈3min]

Whoever wants to lose weight is faced with a myriad of diet options and weight loss programs. Every instagram fitness influencer shares his «own secret» mostly accompanied by the promise of guaranteed results (I should overthink my instagram consumption – noted). However, nutrition is not a simple topic. How we react to foods varies person to person and we still don’t understand the big why? A new study found that even identical twins react differently to food. [≈4min]

Closing as always with the quote of the week: «We should all be acting like Amazon is getting into our business, because frankly we have to create a crisis to think about how to be more effective and efficient.» CEO of Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky, 2019.

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