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In our previous briefings we mentioned a company that valued one year of individual health care data at USD 120. Further down the line, there is Mediata Solutions. Medidata’s software is used to help clinics manage their back-office operations and their data, and it provides analytics tools so they can make sense of massive amounts of information. Recently, a French medtech company Dassault Systemes agreed to acquire Medidata Solutions in an all-cash deal worth USD 5.8bn on an enterprise value basis. [≈ 3min]

What holds mature digital health companies back to scale faster? Padmanabhan outlines three challenges digital health innovation is facing today: a) the reimbursement environment b) lack of data access and interoperability and c) technology and innovation risk. We especially believe b) to be of utmost importance, with no clear solution in sight. We’ve spoken about the lack of access and the unclear value of health care data in previous briefings. Many organizations today protect their data, fearing to miss out on potential revenue opportunities. [≈ 6min]

In healthcare, Softbank has invested in a number of mainly biotech-focused companies but this time Softbank is leading a sizeable round for Collective Health. This startup focused on enterprise employee health care management announced a USD 205mn Series E raise, bringing its total funding to USD 434mn since its founding in 2013. [≈ 3min]

Two hours in nature per week improves health and well-being, a recent study found. We’re probably all aware of the health benefits sport and nature can bring, but this study actually quantified how much time exactly does the trick. Good news for all workaholics: The effect peaked after 200-300 minutes. No need to camp in the forest once per week. [≈ 3min]

Closing as always with the quote of the week (which can be read as a direct follow-up to last weeks quote). Talking about CVS’ acquisition of Aetna, John Rowe, former CEO of Aetna said: «I think there are three things triggering the acquisition. One of them is Amazon, not quite explicit yet what they’re planning on doing but whatever it is, it’s scaring CVS.»

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