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Is there a substantial shift towards personalized and data-driven patient care and engagement coming? A survey showed that 52% of patients are comfortable with their doctors using AI to make healthcare decisions. Have a look at this quick overview of different AI applications in healthcare. It is clear that AI is not the enemy of doctors – but read between the lines, AI is the best friend of payers. [≈ 7min] 

Consumer DNA testing companies share users’ genetic information with law enforcement, pharma and software companies. We’ve discussed data ownership in previous briefings: It’s a sensitive topic. If it benefits clinical research and helps to develop drugs faster for an uncured disease – great! However, participation in a clinical study needs the confirmation of the patient (opt in) and should not be buried in the fine print of the privacy terms. In the end, genetic information is health data and should be subjected to the same standards. [≈ 3min]

The cat’s out of the bag: Peloton, Livongo, Health Catalyst and Pheresia are announcing their upcoming IPOs (all raised USD 425mn on average). What about the others? The dramatic influx of late-stage venture capital is enabling companies to slow walk their public offering. In addition, the accumulation of mountains of cash by strategic buyers and the rise of private equity buy-out firms are making other forms of exits viable options. Here are 10 other candidates that are too big to not go public  [≈ 5min] 

Closing as always with the quote of the week: «Any radiologist who plans to practice in 10 years will be killing patients every day.» – Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems & founder of Khosla Ventures, as usual not shying away from provocative statements. 

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