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In November, our friend Roberto is hosting Frontiers Health in Berlin. Zane Burke, CEO of Livongo will be there, we will be there, and over 700 other interesting healthcare players will be there. If you want to join the party, hit us up for a 25% discount code.

Alongside selling laptops, cell phones and consumer tech, Best Buy will start offering digital health monitoring equipment and services. Why? Best Buy sees a growing market for home-based digital health since there will be 54mn seniors by 2023 and 90% want to live at home. Moreover, 10,000 people turn 65 every single day and two-thirds of seniors over 65 live with one or more chronic condition. Helping seniors and caregivers find service-intensive solutions might be an opportunity to get back some market share from Amazon. [≈ 6min]

So-called unicorns, start-up companies valued at USD 1bn or more, used to be rare. Back in 2013, there were only 39. Today? CB Insights’ database includes over 390, of which 19 are active in the US healthcare market. Here is a list of the 10 most well-funded digital health companies in the United States. [≈ 2min] 

Digital Therapeutics is still a niche treatment option compared to traditional «pills», but this will change in the future. CVS Health is now offering Sleepio, a digital therapeutic for the treatment of insomnia, to clients of the company’s pharmacy benefit management program. Sleepio is a digital platform that uses an animated therapist (with Scottish accent!) to help users find sleep. Contrary to a lot of digital health apps, Sleepio is backed by scientific studies. CVS Health’s rollout of Sleepio is part of its larger effort to popularize online health treatments. [≈ 7min]

Closing as always with the quote of the week: «I regret that my public focus on shareholders left the seriously inaccurate impression that Valeant did not consider the impact of our decisions on patients.» Michael Person (2016), former CEO of Valeant, that pursued a strategy of exponential price increase on life-saving drugs.

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