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Healthcare is one of the areas most likely to be transformed by machine learning systems, which are able to sift through large amounts of data quickly and find meaningful patterns. A public and private sector collaboration developed an algorithm that can detect kidney damage earlier. Kidney damage is a difficult field, responsible for 1.4mn deaths per year, and difficult to diagnose. But early diagnosis could prevent kidney failures. Still, there are lots of open questions: How will it play out in the clinical routine? Due to privacy issues – will the collaboration get hospital data access to actually do the analysis for patients? [≈ 5min]

Will 2020 continue in the spirit of 2019? After a long break, this year has turned a corner and we saw five digital health IPOs. One Medical has now hired banks to go public early in 2020. Amids rising fears of a possible recession, it’s not a surprise that they will aim for an early listing. Difficult to assess how One Medical will perform; at its core, it is more of a hospital chain than a software company. We’ve recently seen what happens if non-tech companies pretend to IPO at a tech multiple (WeRemember). However, part of One Medical’s experience is heavily digitized. Let’s wait for the numbers. [≈ 3min]

The amount of venture funding into digital health startups slowed in the third quarter after a busy first half. It is estimated that it will reach USD 7.3bn year end (2018:USD 8.3bn). Furthermore investors are placing bigger bets on a small number of companies (average deal size USD 20.9mn). Nine deals this year have topped USD 100mn. Special attention was brought up towards behavioral health and femtech products: 16 digital behavioral health companies that have raised a total of USD 416mn and 10 digital women’s health startups that together have garnered USD 177mn in funding so far this year. [≈ 7min]

«We are Closing as always with the quote of the week: «It’s hysteria, not a heart attack.» Babylon Health, a virtual GP, to female patients after entering their symptoms. Male patients that entered the same symptoms were told it might be a heart attack. .

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