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Former CEO of Jawbone, Hosain Rahman is back. After burning through almost USD 1bn in venture funding, he has raised another USD 65mn for his pivot from consumer to clinical services. Goal of the company is to produce a new device that will come with a personalized subscription service. Its mission is to detect avoidable diseases early on that could “push out half of those deaths and save 70 percent of the costs”. Although fitbit and Jawbones struggled in the last years, the industry is still alive and well. Wearables have now improved their position in the market and are especially used by older users to manage their chronic medical conditions (see last newsletter). [≈3min]

Rock Health analysed patient adoption of digital health solutions. The adoption of live video telemedicine increased from 7% to 34% (2015-2018). Rural people of 35+ show a significant lower adoption rate (17%) compared to younger and/or people from urban areas. This is somehow counterintuitive – one would assume telemedicine would be strongest were there are no doctors close by. This indicates that its full potential is not yet utilized. Another key finding: Wearable usage increased from 13% to 33% (2015-2018). More interesting, the industry is moving away from fitness tracking to managing diagnosis. This is an interesting and encouraging development showing that a b2c approach could venture into clinical relevant cases. [≈8min]  

Study finds link between activity tracking and medical adherence. It may not be surprising that people who are diligent self-tracker are also diligent when it comes to medical compliance. One should be careful however, correlation is not causality. The result could be still very interesting from a payers’ perspective to reduce certain risk factors by using wearable usage as proxy variable for medical compliance. [≈4min]

With Game of Thrones grand finale coming on Sunday, we’d like to close with Melisandre’s longevity advise as the quote of the week: «What do we say to the God of Death? Not today.»

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PS: No worries – we did not invest all our assets in uber (thanks for asking though).