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High costs keep Millenials away from accessing health care services. Millennials are more likely to be uninsured (16%) compared to Generation X (12%) and Baby Boomers (8%). Millennials are less likely to have had a doctor’s visit in the last 12 months compared with other demographics. A majority of Millennials (55%) rates prevention as top-priority. This is a huge opportunity for insurances, which models are rewarding healthy behaviors with reduced premiums. [≈5min]

Livongo, Health Catalyst, Ancestry and SmileDirectClub are plotting an IPO, together worth USD 7.6bn. After years of digital health investing (USD 14bn in 2017 and 2018 alone), it is encouraging to see exits of this magnitude happening and returning investment dollars (to be reinvested, we hope!). However, in the end, the success of digital health IPOs will hinge on a strong financial performance and prospects of each individual company. We are very interested to see the financial information that companies like Livongo and Health Catalyst will have to disclose when they go public. [≈5min]

Don’t visit your doctor in the afternoon. Yes, also doctors suffer from decision fatigue. Decision fatigue describes the deteriorating quality of decisions after a long period of decision making. Time of doctor’s appointment has an effect on treatment outcomes. It is not surprising, but telling. Let’s not forget that there’s a huge human factor in health care, which is not easily standardized. How can one make sure that everybody receives the same quality of treatment in an environment of individuals? On a side note: Always set pitch meetings for the morning (advice valid for both founders and investors). [≈5min]

Closing as always with the quote of the week: «Mark Zuckerberg cannot fix Facebook, but our government can.» Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes, calls for Facebook to be broken up, 2019.

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