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Month: May 2019

15min Digital Health Briefing#6

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Although we spend the last few days mainly with the question whether we should invest all our assets in the upcoming Uber IPO this week, please find below another episode of our digital health briefing.

Patients have not much trust in big tech player when it comes to healthcare data (only 11% would share their

3 reasons why the future of German healthcare companies lies in China

When you enter the Beijing hospital “General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army”, you will not be welcomed by hospital personnel but by robots manufactured by Xiaomi. If you live in a more rural region of China or if you need a doctor at a late hour, digital consultation hours can be held via apps or digital hospitals in which initial …

Digital Health Briefing China #2

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates focused on China,

We are back as promised and are excited to bring the latest digital health trends from China to you. Again, we invite you to partially shift perspectives from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen/ Beijing and engage with a USD 1.2tn healthcare market.

1 Jack Ma’s Digital Health Insurance Startup grows rapidly in China

15min Digital Health Briefing#5

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Have a great hump day (whether it’s an official holiday or not). Btw: We have been asked several times to open up our newsletter to the public – we are working on it. 🙂

Are tech companies the new tobacco companies? Phone addiction has become such a worldwide problem that even the Pope weighed in …

15min Digital Health Briefing#4

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. But now, back to business as usual:

IBM Watson is shifting its machine learning / AI efforts from drug discovery to clinical trials, because of the larger market and better fit with their technology. [≈2 min]

The WHO (not the band) released its first guideline for digital

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