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Month: June 2019

15min Digital Health Briefing#10

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates, 

From the beach to the desk. Change that takes some time to get used to, but we’re working on it 😉 

In an increasingly digital environment 88% of U.S. hospital and health system executives agree that their organizations are vulnerable to consumer-friendly offerings from non-hospital competitors, such as Amazon and CVS. Furthermore a survey states …

5 Insights for successfully closing b2b insurance deals

by Michael Joseph Halbach

The promise of digital health is relatively simple; utilize data to separate the critical few from the trivial many, and then leverage technology advancements to bring patients, doctors, and payers closer together and in better alignment around evidence-based prevention, diagnosis, treatment and overall well-being.  This promise has brought unprecedented investment ($14B by venture capitalists in 2018) and …

15min Digital Health Briefing#9

Good news: We are both on vacation next week. Separately though, we’re already spending enough time together to make this newsletter 😉

Bad news: That means there won’t be a newsletter next week. We’ll make up for this!

Big tech companies like Amazon are getting smarter with every interaction and adapt their products to deliver a better service to their customers. …

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