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Month: October 2019

15min Digital Health Briefing#28

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Finally that odd week were time differences go crazy. While the US is still on daylight saving time (till next Sunday), we are not. If you missed a meeting due to this, be assured: It happens to the best of us. 

—15min Digital Health Briefing #28—

As mentioned in an earlier briefing, Google jumped on the …

15min Digital Health Briefing#27

Apologies for the two week long hiatus; we’ve both been occupied with our private lives. We celebrated Min-Sung’s wedding, had a drink, had a feast, had a blast, sobered up, … but now, back at the desk. 

Healthcare is one of the areas most likely to be transformed by machine learning systems, which are able to sift through large amounts of …

15min Digital Health Briefing#26

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

In November, our friend Roberto is hosting Frontiers Health in Berlin. Zane Burke, CEO of Livongo will be there, we will be there, and over 700 other interesting healthcare players will be there. If you want to join the party, hit us up for a 25% discount code.

Alongside selling laptops, cell phones and consumer tech, …

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