As a founding Partner, Min-Sung is conducting early stage investments in digital health. Previously he helped to successfully set up the strategic growth fund that executes later stage and fund of fund investments that has today USD 1bn assets under management. Prior to Allianz X he was a partner of a Berlin-based venture capital fund specialized in early stage digital health investments.
Min-Sung is passionate about opportunities in the healthcare sector and believes in both the immense value creation potential through digital technologies as well as the resulting positive impact on society. His investment experience ranges from earlystage, laterstage to fund of fund investment in digital health.
Having been an entrepreneur before, he understands the challenges and difficulties of building up a company. With his blog,, he hopes to serve as a helpful resource for digital health tech startups in the region. Min-Sung is also a contributing writer for mediums including TechCrunch and Tech.EU.
He has invested in early stage, as well as later stage startups , including American Well, Neuronation, Mimi, Medbelle and most notably mySugr – which was recently acquired by Roche.

Min-Sung studied Business Economics at Witten/Herdecke, Harvard, St.Gallen, and in Seoul.

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Dominik is a Principal at AO Invest and passionate about technology, firmly believing in its potential to do good. Originally wanting to become a journalist, he moved into ‘start-up world’ and felt at home all at once. Thus far, he worked in Berlin, Zürich and San Francisco on both start-up and investor side. At AO Invest, he invests in start-ups with disruptive
technologies in the area of musculoskeletal disorders. The fund is backed by the AO Foundation, a 60-year old non-profit organization, which boasts the world’s largest network of more than 19’000 surgeons and scientists in orthopedics and trauma.

China Edition:

Chenchao, born in China, has been in Germany since 2002. He is the founder of Silreal, a consulting firm enabling companies to enter, expand and find strategic partners in China and Europe. Capitalizing his extensive insights about China and its interrelations with Europe, Chenchao combines his expertise in healthcare and his intercultural competencies to enable institutions to place strategic investments into companies along the Silk Road.

Chenchao has partnership with Medical Valley, one of the 12 centers of excellence by the Federal Government of Germany, to support the German healthcare companies to conduct business with China. He shared his healthcare insights with the former Chinese Minister of Health and members of German parliament. As a Global Shaper of World Economic Forum, Chenchao is regularly invited as speaker and quest at international conferences such as G20 Global Solutions Summit, OECD Forum, the Federation of German Industries and Max-Planck Society. He studied chemistry at Technical University Munich and was interviewed by the New York Times.

Medical Counsel:

Health Lab 2018

Dominik is a certified orthopedic and trauma surgeon in Munich. Since his MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau and Singapore he teaches entrepreneurship to doctors and medical students and hosts several conferences on digital innovation in healthcare.

Dominik mentors innovative healthcare teams, lectures about his research and development in this field, advises and consults M&A deals as well as Venture capital investors. Dr. Pförringer advises Startups and Investors, consults in VC and PE in Healthcare and works as an Orthopedic surgeon in Munich.