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15min Digital Health Briefing#23

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Enjoy your 15 minutes of digital health. Btw: If you come across an interesting study / article, please feel free to share with us. Highly appreciated.

In 2019, already four digital health companies have gone public (Health Catalyst, Livongo Health, Phreesia and Change Healthcare) with a summed up market cap of USD 7.1bn. So far, digital …

15min Digital Health Briefing#22

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Turmoil in Apple’s healthcare team and high profile departures due to internal tension. Yes, health care is not easy. Rest assured though: We are here to stay. 

«One app to rule them all» sounds like a monopolist’s dream, but won’t be the future of digital health. While owning the entire patient experience may be a dream …

15min Digital Health Briefing#21

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Drug dealer busted: J&J was only (?) fined USD 572mn for their role in the opioid epidemic. In response, their market cap increased by USD 15bn. 

Deloitte published their 2019 healthcare report. Health care spending to increase from USD 7.7tn (yep, that’s trillion) to USD 10.1tn. The report covers the main drivers and challenges of healthcare: …

15min Digital Health Briefing#20

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

How to drive media coverage? Make bold real-estate buying claims. Not here though. We won’t buy Greenland and will stick with digital health. Enjoy your briefing. 

According to a new report, the North American wearable market just hit a new milestone: a total of USD 2bn. The big winner is Samsung that increased its market share

15min Digital Health Briefing#19

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Since this year’s healthcare section of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report was falling a bit short, we are happy that there’s a new kid on the block: CB Insights published its first global health care report for Q2 2019. Insightful read.

Key highlights: Of the 10 most active VCs in digital health in Q2 2019, not …

15min Digital Health Briefing#18

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Today’s slang lesson: The linkedin-endorsement burn – «Passive aggressively endorsing someone on LinkedIn for a menial skill such as Microsoft Word.» Now you know.  

Back to digital health: No new digital health IPOs this week, but still interesting stuff to report. Enjoy! 

Is Europe ready for a digital health unicorn? Yes! After Doctolib raised a USD …

15min Digital Health Briefing#17

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts,

After a short hiatus due to the heat, the Patagonia fleece vest is back on the streets. We counted at least three yesterday. Winter is coming!

«Data is the new oil», you can hear that statement at every conference at least five times. Like in the past with oil companies, the players in the health care …

15min Digital Health Briefing#16

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

The Fortune 500, a list ranking the top 500 companies by revenue, was published this week. For the first time, China combined with Taiwan (129) has more companies on the list than the US (121). In health care, the landscape looks different though: There’s a total of 52 health care companies, 19 from the US, …

15min Digital Health Briefing#15

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Digital health knows no summer break. Enjoy your 15 minute briefing! 

Is there a substantial shift towards personalized and data-driven patient care and engagement coming? A survey showed that 52% of patients are comfortable with their doctors using AI to make healthcare decisions. Have a look at this quick overview of different AI applications in healthcare.

15min Digital Health Briefing#14

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts,

As usual, your dose of digital health on Wednesday.

According to Rock Health, USD 4.2bn was invested in digital health through the first half of 2019, plus 12 M&A cases and 5 IPO announcements. In dynamic times like these, we think that it is very important to stretch out that growth in health care takes time. …

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