Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

There is so much going on in digital health and there are many great newsletter / websites covering the industry. Still, our idea here is that sometimes «less is more», and we want to share – once a week – crucial pieces we’ve read that will only take you 15 minutes of reading time (yes, we measured it).

—-15min Digital Health Briefing #1—-

A reminder that new technologies may bring new problems: Doctor tells patient he’s dying – via roboter. Even good intentions (dial in experts) can create some new pitfalls. [≈4min]

There is no shortage of stories highlighting the lack of transparency in healthcare. Example #337: scam with “top doctor” awards. Apparently, becoming a best doctor in NYC just requires a credit card. This is bad for patients. This is bad for actual good doctors. This lack of transparency feels outdated and is yet another example how healthcare is lacking behind the consumerization trend: If I go out for dinner, there are various tools to check a restaurants quality. If I want to buy a TV, I have the same options. But when it comes to the most crucial one – our health – we are tapping in the dark. Why is it so difficult? We believe if you want to create transparency, every stakeholder affected needs to be incentivized. Healthcare does not work in silos. [≈10min]

Closing with a quote from 2017: «Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated» by Donald Trump. We hear you.

Godspeed & a productive week,

Dominik & Min-Sung