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Digital Health In Europe — Why Saving Lives Is Not Enough

Conducting a 59.2m growth investment with AllianzX in one of the leading digital health platform in the United States, offered me many insights and kickstarted thoughts about the perspective of European growth startups in digital health. Having seen over 3,000 companies in this field, I concluded that being a purpose-only startup, or saying how many lives will be saved through the

Watch out Berlin Digital Health Scene!

Speaker.001The 2 major things the healthcare industry can learn from digital health start-ups are: Transparency & speed. So therefore to provide some more transparency about the digital health start-up scene in Berlin, I feel very honored and excited to curate ‪‎this year’s Berlin‬’s ‪digital health‬ ‪focus camp‬ with Startup Camp Berlin. The goal of this focus camp is to make

A Startup’s Guide To Digital Health Accelerators In Europe

EU-Digital-health-accelerators-guide-for-startupsIt’s no surprise to anyone that startup accelerators are continually cropping up across Europe. There are now well over 100 programs accepting applications in the region. It’s definitely a crowded space and not an easy one to navigate, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur.

Although it’s difficult to keep count of all accelerators focusing on Digital Health (because new ones are …

A Snapshot Of the European Digital Health Startup Ecosystem

12655936_10156504008645721_1083158430_oHaving seen more than 2300 digital health startups from across Europe in the past two years, we at XLHEALTH thought it’d be interesting to map out the main categories in the sector based on the data we collected on them. Interestingly, what we found was that digital health solutions (with a B2C component) could be broken down into six categories:

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