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5 Insights for successfully closing b2b insurance deals

by Michael Joseph Halbach

The promise of digital health is relatively simple; utilize data to separate the critical few from the trivial many, and then leverage technology advancements to bring patients, doctors, and payers closer together and in better alignment around evidence-based prevention, diagnosis, treatment and overall well-being.  This promise has brought unprecedented investment ($14B by venture capitalists in 2018) and …

A mindset shift is needed for Europe to become a champion of health innovation

Written by Frank Westermann, CEO of mysugr
(Published on “Friends of Europe”, March 10th 2017)

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 20 years ago, I soon discovered that managing diabetes is a full-time job. Each day as a diabetic, you need to make around 50 therapy-related decisions, and every one of these decisions can be life-threatening. A mistake such …

Is Europe Ready for a Digital Health Unicorn?

This article was written together with Eric Brotten, who manages a digital health product portfolio at Optum International.

here-are-the-11-new-european-unicorn-startups-valued-at-1-billion-or-more-in-the-last-yearThis article reflects the observations of the digital health markets in Europe and the US, as triggered by a heated discussion over spicy Asian curry in Berlin. In short, the authors believe that the US-EU digital health market will experience continued

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