Conference Article 2.001The focus on shaping an excellent consumer product is a key success factor for every digital health startup in b2c. However, meeting the right investor and b2b coop partner is also a very crucial moment that decides the future path of a company.

As you all might experienced before, conferences and events can be huge time killers. Therefore I prepared a list of 20 European conferences for digital health entrepreneurs, that I have attended over the past 3 years to generate deal flow for our VC fund. 

Conference Article 2.001

Please feel free to comment if I missed some major conferences in Europe that digital health entrepreneurs must attend. – MSK



Mobile World Congress/4YFN, Barcelona


START Summit, St. Gallen


Startup Camp, Berlin

conhIT, Berlin

European Digital Health Day, Berlin

WIRED Health, London


Health 2.0 Europe, Barcelona

Pioneers Festival, Vienna

Charité Entrepreneurship Summit, Berlin

 Upgraded Life Festival, Helsinki


Nordic Health Investment Days, Helsinki

Arctic15, Helsinki


eHealth360, Budapest

FT Digital Health Summit Europe, London

DLD Conference, Munich

Healthtech Summit, Lausanne


Digital Health Days, Stockholm


South Summit, Madrid


Web Summit Healthtech, Lisbon:

Frontiers Health, Berlin

hub conference, Berlin

SLUSH, Helsinki

Min-Sung Sean Kim
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Min-Sung Sean Kim

Min-Sung conducts global growth investments for Allianz X, the Venture Capital unit of Allianz Group, that reaches 75m customers in 80 countries worldwide. Prior to Allianz X he was Partner of a Berlin-based venture capital fund that specialized in Digital Health Series A investments.
He has invested in startups including American Well, Neuronation, Mimi, and most notably mySugr – which was recently acquired by Roche. Min-Sung is also a contributing writer for mediums including TechCrunch and Tech.EU and studied Business Economics at Witten/Herdecke, Harvard, St.Gallen, and in Seoul.
Min-Sung Sean Kim
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