e3m7WzVaEurope has a new digital health accelerator in Berlin. Awesome. Having the honor to be a mentor at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, I had a small chat with Harsha Jagasia about current digital health investment scene and insights as a Venture Capitalist.

1. Digital Health has seen some major transformation in the past couple of years. What are your expectations from FY 2016?

This year has started very strongly for digital health startups, with $1.8 Billion investments already. From 2016, I am expecting more Series A companies. I feel very happy to see that two years ago, there were lot of pre-seed and seed companies who have now developed to become Series A, and are ready for venture capital. Last two years, they have really caught attention and gained customers, making way for more startups. In 2018, I see even more Series A startups. A lot of them ask me whether I lean towards B2B or B2C? I say it will be a mix: B2C startups have a better understanding of the patient / end consumer, that many stakeholders in healthcare lack of and need to catch up on. Therefore there are very interesting opportunities for B2C startups to enter the digital health sphere with the dynamics of the consumer market.

2. Specifically in Healthcare industry, how far do startups need accelerators?

I don’t believe that all startups need accelerators. But I believe that digital health startups need accelerators. It is really hard to get seed investors/angels’ attention. Healthcare is a new and tricky field, and one often needs a push to get through. This is where accelerators come in.

If you look at the team structure closely since the past few years, only 14% of  the founders of Series A companies come from a medical background. Rest all are internet / business background. Most startups lack advisors specific to their industry. They need advisors to support them with special opportunities, access to healthcare stakeholder and possible practical problems. Accelerators can help in building the bridge to suitable advisors, who understand stakeholders perspective, what business model to follow so you can actually solve something.

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