11143204_10156313481255721_4804463322091334668_nThe most fascinating part of being a Venture Capitalist are the conversations with very smart entrepreneurs or experts who have a sharper sense of the market, than anyone else. Therefore I was really honored to moderate the digital health panel on the hub conference with other experts/practitioners like Dr. Johannes Jacubeit (CEO of connected-health.eu), Dr. Florian Weiß (CEO of Jameda) and Max Mueller (CSO of DocMorris). The goal of this panel was to identify main drivers of digital transformation in health care: The new technological infrastructure (e.g. Smartphones), that enables the personalization of medicine and the economic interest in health data.

Have a look at our panel discussion and tell me what we could have discussed in more depth. – MSK

Dont forget: Next Hub conference will be on November 22 2016. If you have more questions, please ask the hosts Niklas Veltkamp or Pablo Mentzinis from Bitkom (Germany’s digital association).