Speaker.001The 2 major things the healthcare industry can learn from digital health start-ups are: Transparency & speed. So therefore to provide some more transparency about the digital health start-up scene in Berlin, I feel very honored and excited to curate ‪‎this year’s Berlin‬’s ‪digital health‬ ‪focus camp‬ with Startup Camp Berlin. The goal of this focus camp is to make the key players visible and offer exclusive insights, learnings and networking opportunities within the Berlin digital health ecosystem. I feel very honored that 16 awesome speakers agreed to be on board and again thank you very much for helping the Berlin digital health scene to develop further.

Looking forward to see you tomorrow! – MSK


Speaker Line up:
– Juergen Graalmann (Former CEO of AOK, German largest insurance company)
– Aki Koivistoinen (MD StartupHealth in Europe)
– Michael Gamber (MD Merck Group Accelerator)
– Jesus Del Valle (Head of Bayer Grants4Apps)
– Klaus Stöckemann (MD at Peppermint Venture Partners)
– Juliane Zielonka (MD at Startup Bootcamp)
– Harm van Maanen (Former Executive VP Springer Science)
– Jutta Klauer (Senior Manager at Pfizer)
– Tobias Meixner (Head of Helios Hub)
– Ulli Jendrik Koop (CEO of Digital Health Ventures)
– Tobias Stone (Newsquare Innovation, Eye-Focus-Accelerator)
– Stefan Peters (MD at Holtzbrinck Digital)
– Marc Olivier Lücke (Partner at Atlantic Labs)
– Tobias Neisecke (Ext. project manager for Bertelsmann Foundation)
– Pawel Cebula (COO of Medigo)
– Mikko Kiiskilä (CEO of Meedoc)
– Sebastian Sujka (CEO of xBird)
– Alexander Puschilov (CEO of Viomedo)

Min-Sung Sean Kim
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Min-Sung Sean Kim

Min-Sung Sean Kim is Partner at XLHEALTH, a Berlin-based venture capital fund specializing in Digital Health Series A investments. He believes that healthcare startups with innovative solutions have the potential to create impactful social change. In leading the analyst team at XLHEALTH, Min-Sung has seen more than 2300 digital health startups in Europe and invested in companies including mySugr, Meedoc, NeuroNation and Harimata. Additionally, he offers insights, research and observations on the European digital health startup ecosystem at www.DigitalHealthVC.com
Min-Sung Sean Kim
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