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15min Digital Health Briefing#15

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

Digital health knows no summer break. Enjoy your 15 minute briefing! 

Is there a substantial shift towards personalized and data-driven patient care and engagement coming? A survey showed that 52% of patients are comfortable with their doctors using AI to make healthcare decisions. Have a look at this quick overview of different AI applications in healthcare.

15min Digital Health Briefing#14

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts,

As usual, your dose of digital health on Wednesday.

According to Rock Health, USD 4.2bn was invested in digital health through the first half of 2019, plus 12 M&A cases and 5 IPO announcements. In dynamic times like these, we think that it is very important to stretch out that growth in health care takes time. …

15min Digital Health Briefing#13

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

As usual, your dose of digital health on Wednesday. 

Is Sleep an attractive investment area? Apple acquired the sleep tracker company Beddit in 2017. Some people believe it is a lucrative area, since one can target health conscious buyers and target people who are willing to pay premiums to improve their sleep. Now, PokemonGo, arguable one …

15min Digital Health Briefing#12

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

15 minutes of digital health – ideally enjoyed with a cold drink to battle the heat here in Berlin. 

In our previous briefings we mentioned a company that valued one year of individual health care data at USD 120. Further down the line, there is Mediata Solutions. Medidata’s software is used to help clinics manage their …

15min Digital Health Briefing#11

Dear fellow digital health enthusiasts, 

First digital health briefing written wearing shorts. Summer’s here. Enjoy!

China (94%) and various other countries health care professionals have a higher adoption rate of digital technologies than the USA (76%) or Germany (64%). A study, commissioned by Philips, examines digital technology use by health care professionals and patients. In various categories, China leads the …

15min Digital Health Briefing#10

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates, 

From the beach to the desk. Change that takes some time to get used to, but we’re working on it 😉 

In an increasingly digital environment 88% of U.S. hospital and health system executives agree that their organizations are vulnerable to consumer-friendly offerings from non-hospital competitors, such as Amazon and CVS. Furthermore a survey states …

5 Insights for successfully closing b2b insurance deals

by Michael Joseph Halbach

The promise of digital health is relatively simple; utilize data to separate the critical few from the trivial many, and then leverage technology advancements to bring patients, doctors, and payers closer together and in better alignment around evidence-based prevention, diagnosis, treatment and overall well-being.  This promise has brought unprecedented investment ($14B by venture capitalists in 2018) and …

15min Digital Health Briefing#9

Good news: We are both on vacation next week. Separately though, we’re already spending enough time together to make this newsletter 😉

Bad news: That means there won’t be a newsletter next week. We’ll make up for this!

Big tech companies like Amazon are getting smarter with every interaction and adapt their products to deliver a better service to their customers. …

15min Digital Health Briefing#8

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Enjoy your weekly 15 minutes digital health debrief.

High costs keep Millenials away from accessing health care services. Millennials are more likely to be uninsured (16%) compared to Generation X (12%) and Baby Boomers (8%). Millennials are less likely to have had a doctor’s visit in the last 12 months compared with other demographics. A …

Digital Health Briefing China #3

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates focused on China,

Despite the fact that the Dow Jones Index plunged 617 points after China retaliated with higher tariffs, we try to stay optimistic and are excited to bring the latest digital health trends from China to you. Again, we invite you to partially shift perspectives from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen/ Beijing and engage …

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