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15min Digital Health Briefing#5

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Have a great hump day (whether it’s an official holiday or not). Btw: We have been asked several times to open up our newsletter to the public – we are working on it. 🙂

Are tech companies the new tobacco companies? Phone addiction has become such a worldwide problem that even the Pope weighed in …

15min Digital Health Briefing#4

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. But now, back to business as usual:

IBM Watson is shifting its machine learning / AI efforts from drug discovery to clinical trials, because of the larger market and better fit with their technology. [≈2 min]

The WHO (not the band) released its first guideline for digital

15min Digital Health Briefing#3

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

Thanks for all your great feedback so far and welcome to our new readers. Sharing again the articles that stood out (to us). Maximum read time of 15 minutes.

The FDA is asking for public feedback on its regulatory framework for devices that have machine learning algorithms (also known as: SaMD, software-as-a-medical-device).These SaMDs have the …

Digital Health Briefing China #1

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates focused on China,

With this new bi-weekly newsletter, we want to bring the latest and exciting innovation digital health trends from China to you. We invite you to partially shift perspectives from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen/ Beijing and engage with a USD 1.2 tn healthcare market.

1 The Digital Health Silk Road Project

The initiative …

15min Digital Health Briefing #2

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

We made a second one! Same approach: less is more. Sharing the articles that stood out (to us). Maximum read time of 15 minutes

Amazon started a healthcare focused joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase; bought PillPack for almost a billion dollars and launched a new service that extracts medical data from patient …

15min Digital Health Briefing #1

Dear Friends and Digital Health Affiliates,

There is so much going on in digital health and there are many great newsletter / websites covering the industry. Still, our idea here is that sometimes «less is more», and we want to share – once a week – crucial pieces we’ve read that will only take you 15 minutes of reading time (yes, …

Will China lead the Digital Health Data Industry?

Chinese Tech giants and government agencies are investing heavily in infrastructure to make datasets publicly available to other researchers and AI companies. In digital health, these AI companies need medical experts to annotate images to teach algorithms how to identify anomalies. The approach has been largely collaborative.  It was interesting to read this interview with Chinese Unicorn Yitu Technology in South …

Digital Health In Europe — Why Saving Lives Is Not Enough

Conducting a 59.2m growth investment with AllianzX in one of the leading digital health platform in the United States, offered me many insights and kickstarted thoughts about the perspective of European growth startups in digital health. Having seen over 3,000 companies in this field, I concluded that being a purpose-only startup, or saying how many lives will be saved through the

A mindset shift is needed for Europe to become a champion of health innovation

Written by Frank Westermann, CEO of mysugr
(Published on “Friends of Europe”, March 10th 2017)

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 20 years ago, I soon discovered that managing diabetes is a full-time job. Each day as a diabetic, you need to make around 50 therapy-related decisions, and every one of these decisions can be life-threatening. A mistake such …

Is Europe Ready for a Digital Health Unicorn?

This article was written together with Eric Brotten, who manages a digital health product portfolio at Optum International.

here-are-the-11-new-european-unicorn-startups-valued-at-1-billion-or-more-in-the-last-yearThis article reflects the observations of the digital health markets in Europe and the US, as triggered by a heated discussion over spicy Asian curry in Berlin. In short, the authors believe that the US-EU digital health market will experience continued

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